A Super Cub Comes to New York

A Super Cub C70 sighted in New York City! I love, love, love these little bikes. They're ubiquitous around Japan, indestructible, super comfortable, and adorable. I got to ride a friend's family's cub around all of Western Japan in a series of increasingly madcap adventures, and miss the thing as if it were a friend I'd left behind there.

Three-stroke cyclical clutch, nary a maintenance issue ever, hilariously good fuel economy, and SO CUTE. The speedometer on this one goes to 55 kph. Adorable!

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  1. Well, there was the one maintenance issue, when I got a flat tire. But we ended up getting that fixed for free. Not even for free, actually, we got some sweet pork and pork-based soap products out of the deal.

    I think over the whole trip we put more oil into the bikes than gas. Mine got approximately 85 thousand miles per gallon.